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Maggie's Testimonial

Maggie's Testimonial
Once you meet Margaret "Maggie" Green, you'd never describe her as "disabled." This is so even though Maggie has spina bifida, wears leg braces, and sometimes uses a wheelchair. She is also hard-of-hearing. These conditions have served to make her stronger.

It hasn't been easy. Maggie says that one of her biggest challenges is getting people to accept her for who she is and not focus on her disabilities. Prior to her employment at Goodwill, she lived in Yucca Valley with her parents, and had never lived independently.

Maggie was referred to Goodwill's employment services by the California Department of Rehabilitation. At Goodwill, she received extensive coaching and on-the-job support, as well as training to improve her skills. Her quick learning and positive attitude resulted in Goodwill's hiring Maggie to work with clients with developmental disabilities at our Cathedral City store. Maggie ensures that clients complete all assigned tasks (such as sorting, tagging and hanging clothes) and meet their individualized goals.

Maggie is a role model to her clients. They see someone who has "made it" in the world, not only at work but in her personal life. Several of her clients have said that Maggie is the best job coach they've ever had.

Maggie now shares a home in Cathedral City with her fiancÚ. She has purchased a new car with her earnings—a first for her. She also earned her certificate in Early Childhood Education and an AA in Liberal Arts at Copper Mountain College, making the Honor Roll and Dean's List six times. And she was named Goodwill's 2010 Inland Empire Graduate of the Year.

In addition to her work for Goodwill, Maggie recently became a published photographer. She was the staff photographer for the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs. She also volunteers every year at the Tour de Palm Springs fundraising event.