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Why She's A Pioneer

Why She's A Pioneer
Dr. Geraldine Branch is a pioneer. She was the first African American woman to graduate from New York Medical College (Class of 1936). An obstetrician and gynecologist, she became a public health physician and a high school teacher. Dr. Branch helped establish the first adult day health care center in California.

Dr. Branch's first experience with Goodwill was shopping the stores. Goodwill was one of the only places she could find clothes petite enough to fit her 4'9" frame.

"I had no idea that Goodwill had more than just stores. It serves people with disabilities, and other disadvantages. They also have a recycling program, which is very important to me," says Branch. When she learned what Goodwill is really about, Branch became a financial donor. Then she established two charitable gift annuities with Goodwill as the beneficiary.

Dr. Branch recommends Goodwill as a charity of choice for others. She likes the fact that Goodwill helps people find work so they can support themselves and their families. And she loves the convenience and benefits of her charitable gift annuities. "I get to help the people Goodwill serves, and I get a steady, fixed income for life, too. It's the best sort of 'win-win.'"

At age 101, Dr. Branch still lives independently in the Los Angeles home in which she and her late husband, Robert Branch, DDS, raised two children.

She gardens, is a regular speaker at her church, and has a monthly lunch at a restaurant with two good friends. She looks forward to attending personally in two years the graduation of two medical students whose education she supports.